About Us


Tack För Igår was founded in 2009 by Dennis Tkacuk Lundkvist and Patric Julian. The goal of the company was to release and promote their own musical acts. In the years that went Dennis and Patric moved the business from a record company to work wider with music, sound production and project management. In the year 2016 Jimmy Loefgren was the third employee of Tack För Igår.

Sound Production

Dennis Tkacuk Lundkvist and Jimmy Loefgren create sound productions beyond the ordinary. They have worked with several projects together with our partners ProLoung, Creuna and Bartos Media.  

• Soundtrack
• Television advertising
• Radio advertising / Podcasts
• Web TV

Music Production

Besides from the work with sound production Tack För Igår also offers a wide spectra of service within the music industry. Below are some of the offers that we can help you with:  

• Audio engineering, mix and music composition
• Mastering
• Songwriting

 Partners that we love  

Bartos Media

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